Academy 2.0

Digital Marketing Academy 2.0

After the success of the first Digital Marketing Academy, and the impact the programme had on the organisations that took part, a new cohort of Fellows were able to embark on a second round of the programme with support from Arts Council England.

Fellows devised, tested and developed their digital marketing experiments with the help of a leading digital specialist as their Mentor. The digital marketing experiments took place on real audiences in real organisations from April 2015 to December 2015.

Learning from these experiments included:

  • Gamification and its application to customer loyalty schemes
  • Audience research on the behaviour of frequent attenders
  • Integrating digital with existing organisational and creative priorities
  • Testing different content on social media
  • Testing different social media platforms
  • 360 video to showcase a performance
  • Customer journey experimentation
  • Cross-departmental working and internal buy-in for digital and agile work


Experimental approach

Over eight months, 20 forward-thinking cultural marketers will carry out a series of work-based digital marketing experiments.

A supportive environment

Expert digital mentors from around the world will help the fellows harness the creative strengths of their organisations.

Benefits for the whole cultural sector

The processes and outcomes of the experiments will be shared in order to benefit everybody in the cultural sector.

As a Fellow you feel challenged and empowered to try new things, explore and take risks in your practice within a positive and supportive environment. The outcome has been something tangible for my organisation, and a boost in confidence for me – I’ve met some interesting people through the process, and would recommend it to anyone with a passion for digital working in the arts and cultural sector.

– Steve Woodward (Fellow, 2014—15), A New Direction