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Senior arts marketers are using digital innovation to increase and engage audiences through their experiments at the Digital Marketing Academy.

Here, discover more about what they are doing, the impact it’s having on the Fellows taking part and the arts organisations they work in.


“The unique nature of the Digital Marketing Academy encourages and stimulates imaginative thinking and experimentation that continues to lead to significant new initiatives, reaching and engaging more people across the arts and cultural sector.”

Julie Aldridge
Executive Director

Link to Case Study 1

Case Study 1

Steve Woodward from A New Direction brought arts organisations and teachers together through his beta website. Read the outcomes here.

Link to case study 2

Case Study 2

Jen Chapman from FACT experimented with segmenting her audiences through the use of an online questionnaire – but made it fun along the way!

Link to case study 3

Case Study 3

Jamie Wooldridge and Jamie Eastman at Live at LICA (now Lancaster Arts) embarked on a Joint Fellowship at Digital Marketing Academy 1.0. This is their story.

Cath Hume, AMA’s Head of Programme, spoke about the Digital Marketing Academy at NAMP Ignite! at the 2015 NAMP conference in Salt Lake City.

Key takeaways from the Digital Marketing Academy include: embedding your experiments into your day to day workplans and not confusing agile with not having a plan. Find more inspiration from Cath’s time at NAMP on this blog.

“The main benefit to being part of the DMA programme has been the ‘excuse’ or impetus to put digital at the heart of our bOing! Festival communications and to make sure that we have the resources in place to make it work.”

Dave Yard
DMA 2.0 Fellow

Sara Devine (Brooklyn Museum), a Mentor at the Digital Marketing Academy produced this audio blog post on ‘fighting burnout’

“Each little experiment has had ongoing use in both predictable and unpredictable ways but the biggest impact has been the idea of working in an experimental way at all”

Jessica Ziebland
DMA Fellow 1.0
National Centre for Circus Arts

“The added benefit of the Academy is that it creates time to really think about our audiences and what makes them tick; encouraging everyone in the organisation to become familiar with our segmentation model. This has had real impact in the way the organisation thinks about audiences.”

Jen Chapman
DMA Fellow 1.0

“My involvement in the Academy has enabled me to take a much more experimental approach to developing and implementing ideas, and this has
resonated throughout the organisation.”

Steve Woodward
DMA 1.0 Fellow
A New Direction

Steve Woodward, a Felllow on the first Digital Marketing Academy programme, passed on some advice to the new Fellows at DMA 2.0.

“Mentoring for me is more about listening than it is about talking. This foundation provides a chance to move to a more active listening role…The combination of listening, consciously attempting empathy, then active listening, allows for pathways into potential resolutions, or maybe, just better questions.”

DMA Mentor

link to DMA report

Read all about Digital Marketing Academy 1.0 in our downloadable report.

Discover what happened, the experiments that took place, and the impact they had on the Fellows and arts organisations taking part in the programme.

The report is available on CultureHive.