Trello, is it me you’re looking for?

This blog was posted by Jess Thomas on June 25, 2015 as part of the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy. You can find out more about the project here.

At the beginning of this project I started a Trello board as we were juggling many different ideas (and after being side-tracked by 2 brochures and other deadlines) I am so glad I did. It has proven invaluable for staying on top of every idea, actioned project and discussion that we have had so far about the project. Particularly with the short turnaround to create a new website for the festival in less than 2 months! Other members of our organisation have picked up on the system as well and begun using it which is great. Forget the Agile Samurai; we are setting out to create an Agile Army.


The IceBox
Any exciting ideas or things we want to pilot we have popped onto a card and listed it on Trello in what we have termed The Icebox until we decide to action.

One idea that has been on ice was starting Instagram. We have now been gramming furiously and discovered a whole new world of opportunities. It has encouraged viewing our organisation with fresh eyes, scouting out interesting things to post out into the digital stratosphere including an almost daily (and now obligatory) shot of our daily cake offering. (Coffee and Walnut so far has been hearted the most.) #cakewatch

All of this has been great to give a voice to Gulbenkian, however it has lacked engagement and sometimes it has felt like a one sided conversation so we have been chatting (a lot) about engagement on social media and brought these questions to our Mentor Ron, who was great at advising and providing examples.

Test driving ideas:

  • 12 Tweetograms of Hercules for a family show based on Hercules.
    Well received, particularly of the three head-headed Cerberus as a pup.


  • Hercules T-shirt Competition
    Competition failed miserably as no one entered which surprised us, seems no one wanted a t-shirt.
  • Hula Hoop Station
    Saw lots of use and postings on social media.
  • Cut-out standee of The Tiger Who Came to Tea
    Pose having Tea with the Tiger; post on social media. Soon touring it to our partners in the area including Waterstones and a Library where we are also organising book readings. #CanterburyTiger
  • bOing Lettering
    Commissioned an artist to create lettering to use visually as an engagement tool. It has led to further ideas including a ‘treasure hunt’ to guess where the word is in our local area.


  • Freeing your inner ‘O’
    Feedback is one thing we have become a bit obsessed with, how best can we get it? Can we get it in a way that would be useful for us? Can we use it to drive content on social media? All of these questions we posed to Ron our Mentor, with the idea of purchasing a large inflatable ‘O’ to photograph people and film feedback through which he has encouraged.


  • bOingscapes
    We are turning a negative into an opportunity. There is a lot of building work happening around our festival site. Thanks to Ron we have hit upon the idea of vinyling the hoarding with interesting themed settings for people to photograph themselves into and (hopefully) share on social media over the weekend.

Hopefully we’ll soon be jogging through the rest of our sprints soon enough.

Follow our progress:



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