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This blog was posted by Zen Grisdale on November 4, 2015 as part of the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy. You can find out more about the project here.

I’ll be honest and say that it has been tough fitting in our DMA experiments outside our day to day work – especially since we are one man down in our comms team currently!  Hence the scarcity of our blog entries.  Right, moan over, here’s what we’ve been up to:


One area we have wanted to increase activity for is our online shop. Whenever we do a mailshot regards a discount or something, we get a minor flurry of sales – but not always for the items that we have discounted. So there are potential buyers for our cds out there, but just not enough general awareness for the shop. So we’ve tried a few experiments.

Although this is not purely digital (more like using physical to enable people to go digital) – we printed up some flyers in-house to hand out after a Proms concert that our orchestra was playing in. The flyers had a £5 off code for the shop. Also, we wanted to do them in a super lo-fi style to stand out, so we went for the ‘grocery sign’ look. The shock of being handed such an un-slick bit of print might actually force them to read it.


And the result? 0 response. In fact, if anything, there was a dip in activity on our shop in the subsequent days. Wonderful. But let’s face it, this is what the Digital Marketing Academy is for, trying things out and having the opportunity to fail, learn and try something else. So we now know that this approach does not work (this is the 2nd time we tried this) – now we need to investigate more into our audience to find out if they buy music on cds; if they would buy from the OAE shop or if they automatically go to amazon; if they would be interested to buy other types of items from us etc etc.. so a survey monkey email beckons..  (hopefully the results of this survey will appear in our next blog!)

Twitter for our players

Another thing we’ve done recently is set up a Twitter account for our musicians. We have not yet found an effective solution to the problem of how to get our players tweeting for the OAE – having them tweet through our main OAE account would be unscalable and a bit chaotic, plus no one would know who is tweeting. So we’ve set up an OAE Musicians account – so far 6 players have signed up for it, and 1 has started tweeting. We’re gonna have to remind them regularly if this is going to work I feel…  but let’s see how it goes.








Student Reps

We’ve just endured the annual punishment that is the Fresher’s Fayre – getting fresh faced students to sign up to our mailing list, in return for a free badge and a Beethoven poster. We always get a few super keen types who want to get involved and become a ‘student rep’ – but we never really know what to do with them further than ask them to ‘spread the word’. We need a clearer aim – and a way to measure engagement. Any ideas out there??

That’s it for now, we hope to have more shortly.

Peace and music

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