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This blog was posted by Selma Willcocks on November 23, 2015 as part of the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy. You can find out more about the project here.


Photo by Ed Thompson for Spektrix

So I’ve been dabbling in digital experiments throughout my time as a fellow of the DMA but underpinning it all has been the ultimate goal to get my head round Artsadmin’s analytics… spurred on, of course, by the epic knowledge of my mentor Daniel Rowles.

There’s no pretending that the Artsadmin website isn’t exactly the most user-friendly site. With the breadth of work and activity we do as a company our website falls into that common pitfall of trying to be everything to all people (and maybe sometimes nothing to no one). We’re aware of this so we are looking to make some changes.

The DMA further ingrained in me the idea of working in an agile way, but also for these iterative improvements to be data-driven. With the help of our lovely developers Cog Design and Daniel we implemented some ‘Events’ on our Google Analytics which will tell us how people interact with our content. Some top-line stats are, on average…

50% of people who start scrolling down a page on our website will read/view all the content on that page

3rd of people who load the page read all the content on that page

The pages where all the content was read the most are Poppy Jackson’s SITE, presented by SPILL Festival (see #nakedwomanonroof) and Andrea Zimmerman’s Estate, a Reverie… I mean other than our Jobs page, surprise surprise.

Before the end of DMA I want to really understand what exactly this is telling me, in terms of informing iterative improvements (which I can then test). I also want to work on a way of internal reporting e.g. ‘Look at the engagement on this page – see, concise clear copy / large images of people really works!’

I also want to shout out Mary Butlin who gave me so much food for thought in her online workshop ‘How to make the most of Google Analytics’. I’ve only ever had ad hoc training and the webinar really made me see how I’m only just skimming the surface.

The most important thing I have learnt during this process is how Artsadmin already embeds digital experimentation. Whether it’s a project which connects two countries via telematics, or a digital-first campaign for a festival on climate or an Instagram takeover from a feminist nail bar in Johannesburg… and all the super interesting (read: boring) stuff like databases and emails…

I might not be a #datageek like the photo above suggests (I will claim to be most things for free wine) but analytics isn’t as daunting as it once was…


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